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What It's Like To Retire In Paradise?

Don Herrington, 75, lives in a six-bedroom, four-bath house in Cebu City, Philippines, for which he pays $450 a month.

When I was 50, I had the opportunity to retire from the Peace Corps, but I didn't know how I could afford to live on $950 a month. My monthly condo payment in Northern Virginia was nearly twice that amount. Then I remembered a trip I had taken to the Philippines years before. I recalled how inexpensive and lovely the country was, and how wonderful the people were to foreigners. So I sold my condo and took off with my little savings and the $950 annuity.

Why To Retire In The Philippines?

I decided to retire to the Philippines because of my love for the culture, I had been married about 28 years when we made the decision. Many come to the Philippines because of cheap living, the culture or the women. I chose the first two.

The culture is supportive and loving. The cost of living is also fairly low. We get along well on about $675 per month. There are certainly disadvantages in living in the tropics about half way around the world. This morning I was up at 2 AM making a phone call to the USA. I had gotten a jury summons. My daughter had also gotten one about a month ago. Being a student at Chico, CA., she had not answered the summons. The was a request out for her to appear before a Judge and explain the matter. I therefore took my summons seriously. I had left a message last Friday, (their time, Sat AM my time). I got through this morning and took care of my business to my satisfaction. But, I was up at 2 AM to do this business, something I would not have done in the USA. Memory still serves me well as I have only been retired for a few years and living on and off in the Philippines since 10/03. Many move lock, stock and barrel, but mama and I have decided to stay here part of the year and to stay in Houston for part of the year. We have two grown children, both in college and we enjoy both of their company. We also have a house full of memories and a city where we built a business into a successful operation with a minimal cash investment and a maximum of sweat equity.

Retirement Living And Enjoying It

Retirement -- living and enjoying 24/7/365

Retirement is often one of the most traumatic times of a person's life. Seldom is it considered as such at the time, but, in retrospect, many recognize it's unanticipated positive and negative effects.

Retirement is easier for the self employed to slide into. They start by reducing their working hours on Fridays, then by taking Friday off, then possibly Mondays as well. When the DAY arrives, they may have already cut down their visits to the office to three or four times a month.

Philippines Ideal Place To Retire

The Philippines: Ideal place to retire
By: Lynda B. Valencia

Who among us, especially the old folks don't know the lyrics of the song "The Green Leaves of Summer" that has been used in the film "The Alamo."

The soundtrack spoke of a yearning that is universal to all to come home to, or to discover a second home when we
reach the golden age of retirement.

When we speak of summer and retirement, one can only think of the Philippines - the "tropical paradise" of smiling people, perpetual summers and dreamy vacation spots.

Retirement Counseling

I was a personnel retirement counselor at one time and guys would tell me they hated their jobs but hung in for the extra retirement money. Some love their jobs and did not feel comfortable with anything but working and "contributing to society. The felt like barnacles on a boat just slowing it down it they were not working. They did not care what for or where the boat was going but they wanted to make it go faster. A lot of these boats were just going in circles. When it comes to work, too, it is a wise man who knows when enough is enough, and he can be whole and valuable as a human being without working, just being. This is my opinion, that the Filipino people helped me develop. I felt it before I came here. They reinforced it. I am blessed for it, I believe.



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