Philippines Ideal Place To Retire

The Philippines: Ideal place to retire
By: Lynda B. Valencia

Who among us, especially the old folks don't know the lyrics of the song "The Green Leaves of Summer" that has been used in the film "The Alamo."

The soundtrack spoke of a yearning that is universal to all to come home to, or to discover a second home when we
reach the golden age of retirement.

When we speak of summer and retirement, one can only think of the Philippines - the "tropical paradise" of smiling people, perpetual summers and dreamy vacation spots.

The Philippines holds a wealth of wonders waiting to be discovered not only by foreign tourists and retirees but also of Filipinos. Foreign tourists who have sampled the hospitality of Filipinos and the many charms of the archipelagic state teeming with magnificent beaches and hideaways, would naturally want to stay here for good.

It is for these reasons that foreign nationals, balikbayans and expatriate workers would do well to consider the Philippines as the country where they would spend savoring the fruits of their hard toil.

The Philippines is liberally endowed with natural wonders and physical attributes that make it attractive to foreign retirees, including former Filipino nationals who would want to come home to their land of birth after their mark in other countries.

And foreigners who do retire here will be amply rewarded as they encounter little difficulty in accommodating themselves to a friendly and predominantly English-speaking population. For balikbayans, there's nothing like reminiscing about the past and renewing old acquaintances and seeing once more the "green leaves" of summer at home.

With the administration of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo determinedly pushing for the growth of the tourism sector, it comes but natural to revitalize the concept of the Philippines as the ideal retirement setting for foreign nationals and former Filipinos who have acquired other citizenships.

A stay in the Philippines especially for those who came from temperate countries could be likened to relaxing in paradise of perpetual summer.

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The official Philippine government site with a checklist of requirements is at:

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