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Recommended Hotels In Tacloban City, Philippines

Even though we live here not too much experience with Hotels. However I have seen various rooms as follows:

Macarthur Park - was not impressed with the room I saw. I like the place but the room was very old looking. Food there is pretty good.

Alejandro - Old hotel with WWII pictures around. One room I saw was small but quite nice. Never tried the restaurant, but food at a wedding we were at there was quite good. Nice wedding hall also, air conditioned.

Manhattan Inn - Room we saw was good size and appeared clean.

Asia Star - Good location for shopping. Have know expats to stay there and they said it was all right.

Hotel D'Angelo - Probably the nicest as it is the newest.

There is also a Leyte Park Resort. Nice place but I have been told the rooms really need updating. Nice place to eat either inside with nice view of the Bay or outside at a floating restaurant.

I have know expats to stay at Tacloban Plaza, never saw a room. Will give monthly rates I believe.

Can't say I know anything about the rest.

Eric L. Living In Tacloban

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