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Cost Of Living In Puerto Galera (2008)

I recently moved to Sabang Beach from Manila. Been here about 2 months. Cost of living is easily 1/3-1/2 less then Manila. My rent for a 1 bedroom 3 room apartment is 14000p per month, last elect bill 1200p, groceries about 2000p per month we go out to eat at least 5 evenings a week.

We have aircon in bedroom that we use sparingly plus two fans in living room and kitchen. My pension of approx 60000p lets us live comfortably. We enjoy the beaches ad the scenery here. The beaches cost no more then a 20p jeepney ride and sometimes we splurge and take a Banca boat to an all but deserted beach for the day about 200p.

On the down side, Several brownouts a week, no big stores only 1 bank, no atm machines, no drugstores, electronics supplies good luck. The town of Puerto Galera is a 15 minute ride by jeepney and u can get more stuff there. Batangas is an hour away by Banca boat and there are several malls there. Manila is 5 hrs away, boat and bus. I like it here a lot and I think here is where I will stay.




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