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Cost Of Living In Butuan City (2009)

Location: Butuan City, near downtown

Type of Residence: apartment

Size of house: 3BR, 2CR, A/C in two BR's approximately 100 square meters, gated w/paved parking

Own or Rent: rent

Cost of Rent: P13,000-$240

Cost Of Living In Marinduque (2009)



Own or Rent:


Cost of Rent:

Can not tell you much, we own a 3 br home, but some where about 5000 to 7500 should cover rent for a decent home.

Cost Of Living In Philippines (2009)

Of course prices have gone up over the last 20 years all over the world, in the Philippines too. But despite the high inflation rate, higher prices are not the reason for the increased cost of living in the Philippines. The true "culprit," if you can call it that is the increased availability of goods and services.

When I was here in Manila in 1990, we did not have a lot of thing to spend money on, not much to buy.

Cost Of Living In Pangasinan (2009)


Binmaley, Pangasinan

Type of residence:

House, Single storey

Size of house:

5br, 3cr, study, workshop, lounge, dining, kitchen, laundry, 2,300 sq ft or 220 sq mtrs

Cost Of Living In Roxas City (2009)


Roxas City, Capiz, Island of Panay

Type of residence:


Size of house:

2 bedroom apartment



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