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Cost Of Living In Butuan City (2009)

Location: Butuan City, near downtown

Type of Residence: apartment

Size of house: 3BR, 2CR, A/C in two BR's approximately 100 square meters, gated w/paved parking

Own or Rent: rent

Cost of Rent: P13,000-$240

Gas: n/a

Phone: n/a

Cable: n/a

DSL: P4, 500

Power Outages: Seldom, mostly less that 10 minutes

Water Outages: seldom

DSL: none

Cable TV: none

Air Quality:

fair, due to nearby animals and trash burning (take things into account like neighbors burning trash near your home, pollution from vehicles, etc.)

Noise: Quiet only moderate noise

Traffic: Moderate 7am-9pm, very light at night

Public Transportation: Excellent via trike and multicab locally and good to other areas via v-hire or bus.


There are many stores and malls with a wide variety of goods. However higher quality and imported goods are difficult to find. (this includes malls, grocery stores, shops, etc.)

By: Dave Barstow

Honey Garay wrote the cost of living in Butuan City:

Housing - six bedroom with 3 bedrooms, servants quarters php 9,000

Electricity - includes 3 air-con units, refrigerator, washer php 1,500

Water - php 500

Phone - php 600

Cell phone contract service plan - php 2,000

DSL internet connection - php 2,000

Cable - php 400

Helpers - php 1,200

Food - php 12,000

Dry cleaning - php 1,000

Driver - php 1,500


31, 700 pesos

This would be about the living cost for a family of four however, some houses here cost up to 25,000 php per month but these houses would run about 60,000p in Cebu etc. The living cost in Butuan are such that one can save money to go to Cebu for fun etc. while still saving money. Cars can be purchased here in any price range but I recommend multicabs as they are cheap with plenty of available parts. They cost around 193,000p here for a multi-van but its better to buy them in Cebu for 125,000p and just pay wages the 3,000p shipping to bring it back to Butuan, this will save you a lot of money. For those not interested in driving cars for hire cost 200p per hour with driver or 1,500p per day.





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