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Cost Of Living In Davao City (2009)

Davao's topography dazzles with a variety of picturesque landscape. Fruit plantations and orchid farms mantle volcano-fed hills and valleys. Virgin forests and nurture rare wildlife. Coral islands lie on mirror flat water. And the country's highest peak, Mt. Apo, magnificently lords over the hinterland.

Cost Of Living In Tacloban, Leyte (2009)

I like the Palo / Tacloban area because of the history that abounds there. Palo is the site of where General Douglas MacArthur returned in 1944 to fulfill his promise to the people of the Philippines. MacArthur Park is beautiful, and has a great monument with statues to commemorate the event. Douglas MacArthur is still painted on huge murals all over the area.

Cost Of Living In Cagayan de Oro (2009)

I live in Cagayan de Oro so can so can give you some recent cost of living information. Of course, a lot depends on how big of a house or apartment you live in and in what neighborhood. A decent place can range from 5-15k. For a really decent place I usually would say 9-15k a month thousand, At this writing, April 2009 the peso is about 48 to one US Dollar.

Cost Of Living In Olongapo, Zambales (2009)

Place, City, Town, Village:

Olongapo, Zambales

Kind Of Residence:

House, Apartment, Condo, Townhouse, Room, Pension House, Hotel, Resort:

House (two bedroom)

Rent in Peso per month. Please include how long you have been living in this place, etc., as I did or you can just put the rent no other comments as you can do on all items.

Cost Of Living In Cabuyao, Laguna (2009)

Kind of Residence:

House, Crown Asia gated community 2 bedrooms, 2-bath house approximately 70 sq meters, less than 1 year old.

Rent: 14,500 pesos/month. There are two of us living in the house. Our house cleaner lives in the area and goes home every night.


About 6, 200 pesos per month. We have one small AC that runs nearly all the time. I medium AC in the kitchen used maybe 2 hours a day or less. We have a standby 6,500-watt generator. We have lost power twice this year. Once for about 10 minutes and the other for about 5 hours both during storms.



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