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Cost Of Living In Naga City, Bicol Region (2009)

Location: Naga City, Bicol

Type of Residence: One story detached house

Size of House: 3 BR, 2 CR, Maids qtrs with CR, 162 SM

Own or Rent: Own

Cost of Rent: N/A

Electricity: P3,000 Winter - P6,000 Summer

Water: P 400 city water, P 700 bottled water

Cost Of Living In Tagaytay (2009)

I'm currently living in Tagaytay. Listed below are some of my monthly expenses:

  • Rent: (3 b/r, fully furnished in sub division) P30, 000
  • Cable: P770
  • Electricity: P2, 000
  • Telephone: P2, 500
  • Smart WiFi: P988

Cost Of Living In Angeles City (2009)

Cost of Living in Angeles City, Balibago Barangay

Gene said: "Olongapo proper and Angeles City proper are about the same. Both are quite dull with very little to recommend to visitors."

I must refute this assessment. It is unfair to the thousands of expats who live, work, and/or vacation in Angeles City (AC) and Olongapo.

First, let me remind our readers that Angeles City is a moderately-sized town, both in population and area. AC has a population approaching 300,000.

Cost Of Living In Ermita Manila (2009)

I live in Ermita Manila, so I will do my best to answer some of your questions. Keep in mind; these are my experiences which surely will differ from others.

Tap Water: In the almost year and a half that I have been living in Ermita Manila, I have not had any water shortage problems. I know of an individual that lives in another area in Manila and he has weekly water truck deliveries. The water that comes out of my faucets look like ordinary water, however I do not drink it. I purchase five gallon water jugs for 50 Pesos each.

Cost of Living In Cebu City

Cost of Living in Cebu City, mid to upscale neighborhood, August 2009

My cost, about P90K per month, or a little over $2,000 with many helpers, large house, car, etc.

Breakdown below:

There are six people residing in this house. It is never left along maybe not by necessity, but because so many are here.

Rent is P18, 000 per month, true market value. 24,000 per month, rent lower because long-term resident.

This is a six bedrooms, four bath house, one bath you enter from the sala, very small.



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