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Cost Of Living In Las Piñas Manila (2010)

Rent: in Peso per month.

15,000 Pesos/Month 3 of us/$312 month.3Bdrm, 2 Both Secure subdivision


3,500-4,000 2 computers, 1 aircon, tv, dvd/ $73-83

Gas Costs:

500 /$12 month


1500/$31 bathing, 1000/$22 drinking.


Land line and internet 2900/$60 Long distance a penny a minute for Yahoo phone out. Cell 100 pesos a month

Clothing, Shoes, jewelry, watches, repairs for same, trinkets, etc.: 1000/$20.

Helper(s): N/A

Groceries: 20,000/$417 Pure Gold and local markets usually weekly Pizza

Bar Bill. Entertainment if any, Liquor, etc. N/A

Eating Out:

Often, seldom, etc. if you care to share. Seldom 2000/ $44

Car Expenses, gas, repairs Allowance: N/A

Taxi, Jeep, Travel Expenses especially if you are required to go back to your country often if you can share. 9600/$200 includes local buses and transport and one roundtrip to US to visit family.

Allowance For Family Members if any:

Allowance for the 3 of us 48,000/$1000 month

Medical Expenses: Maybe you will comment if you are a Veteran, have health insurance for your self and family, Phil Health others. How much do you spend for average doctors visit. Is prescription medication a big part of your expense. How about supplements, alternative therapy if have and you care to share? I am retired military/disabled Vet but we insure 10000/$210.

"So my total expenses are: P2400 per month.

At today's peso rate, P48.00 (what I used) that is USD 2400 a month for expenses as above. This number is very accurate I hold the house hold tight and we are quite comfortable."

David Perez

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