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Cost Of Living In South Surigao (2011)

I have 3 kids with me and a wife, no pets.

Place, City, Town, Village:

Small barrangay near the hills, 50 Kilometers south of Surigao.

Kind Of Residence:

Today I live in a semi Nipa house, Nipa roof and wood walls. 22 Sq M. I built it myself.


I paid 5,000 pesos/month one time as "prenda". (kind of a loan) I have been there about 5 years.

Electric :

No air con, frost free ref, fan many days..650 pesos/month.

Gas Costs: I use shelane and I buy one at 560 pesos every 3 months.


The water is community tap 50 yards away, free. big rain, I get the runs along with others in my family 99% of the water is potable. Comes from a spring but the spring can be overrun by surface water if the rain is lots.


Phone service is on and off, maybe I get 80% of the calls and 100% of the texts. No land line, internet is p 20 an hour 18 kilometers away. 150 month.


This is very low as I shop oki oki.


the wife could cost me everything, or nothing.


I eat VERY well. lots of BBQ Chicken (letchon manok), fresh tuna (really good), fresh veggies. Always meat with every meal. Perhaps I spend 4, 000 pesos/month at the wet market and 15,000 pesos at the store. P3, 000 a month buying imported stuff from our local supplier guy, Jonh.

Bar Bill. Entertainment if any, Liquor, etc.

I sing kareoki, have a few beers, maybe 6 days a month. a big bill would be P200. Also ex pats meeting, once a week, P250 or so.

Eating Out:

Mac Donalds, 2x a month. maybe P500 each time

Car Expenses, gas, repairs Allowance:

Got a toyota truck, get 45 miles to the gal! I spend P 5, 000 about each month.

Taxi, Jeep, Travel Expenses especially if you are required to go back to your country often if you can share.

I go to USA each year. I get a 1 year ticket and the average price is about $1200.

Allowance For Family Members if any:

Ya. Got neighbors and extended family. I have a minimum gift each month of P3,000. But I have given much more at times. Up to P15,000.

Medical Expenses: I get my medicine though health coverage in the USA.

By: Tommy Sanford




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