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Cost Of Living In Dumaguete City (2013)

PLACE: Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

KIND OF RESIDENCE: House, 2-bedroom in a sub urban area near the beach.

RENT: P15k per month for 3 years, no increase. The landlady is my neighbor. For this high amount I get security--she deflects the request of visiting relatives to use the house--and prompt maintenance, such as a new metal roof, including the quieting of the area when it is within her power.

ELECTRIC: No air-con, fan and computer running rather full-time, TV mornings, electric fridge, gas cooking, P1, 100 to 1,400.

GAS Costs: A canister of gas is not P800; it lasts about 3 months.

WATER:  Landlady pays for water and trash. Every couple of months I send the housekeeper, or a visitor, to town for 3 tanks of bottled water. Total cost, less than P100.

COMMUNICATIONS: Internet, local and long distance telephone, Magic Jack, VoIP, cell phone , Internet Cafe, etc. TV, Fil products, P360 per month. Landline-Internet bundle, Globe, P1400.

HELPER(S): Housekeeper works 3 mornings per week, 4 hours, for P250 including transportation allowance.  Laundry included. Relationship is friendly and professional (no "extras")

GROCERIES: I mostly cook for myself. Supermarket visits 2 or 3 times per week. I do not budget and keep track as I did back in the States, because there is no price competition and little choice. I purchase many imported products. Overall food costs are significantly higher in the Philippines. My estimate: P15000 per month. Fruit with peels I purchase at a wet market or from street vendors.

BAR BILL: My budget is P1,500 per day but the actuality is  often half. Most of this goes to college students or other needy and deserving Filipinas, a small amount to drinking.

EATING OUT: Not often.

CAR EXPENSES: Gas for motorcycle about P200 per week, maintenance P1000 every 3 months.

TAXI, JEEP, TRAVEL EXPENSES: Monthly expenditure increases by about 1/3 on "visa runs" to neighboring ASEAN countries every 2 years, now 16 months.

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Subscribe to PhilHealth, never used. Yes, medical/dental is a significant expense. Medical about P10k per month; pharmaceuticals are probably much more expensive than having Medicare B and C back home. Dental may average about P5k per month.

Total: 46,350k php per month 



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