Cost Of Living in Bacoor City (2015)

PLACE: Bacoor City, Molino, Cavite Province

KIND OF RESIDENCE:  2 bedroom w/ 3rd room as storage one story house 1 full bathroom. Lot size about 100-110 sq.meters

RENT:   Lot with house on it cost 900,000 pesos. Tore the house down and spent about another 1,000,000 pesos to build new. So no mortgage payment. House is perfect for the 2 of us.Her friends do visit and stay in 2nd BR as it is large about 12x14 feet.

ELECTRIC:  2,600 pesos/month (2 led smart TVs) refrigerator, fans, split type ac and wall

GAS Costs: 300 pesos/month local bottled gas is about 800 pesos for a 14 kg that lasts about 3 months 4 burner oven water 300 pesos/month (mayanila city water 24/7)

COMMUNICATIONS:  INTERNET AND LANDLINE: 2,700 pesos/month         

GROCERIES:  food 15,000 pesos to 20,000 peso/month (I eat mostly import food)                                                                     

CABLE:  1,400 pesos/month sky silver package (with ASN 350 pesos) silver is 1,050 pesos                                 

MEDICARE: 105 dollars/month

CREDIT CARD:  200 dollar/month(VISA) I use for travel and such                                                                             

CELLPHONE: 70 dollar/month (T-Mobile talk text data 50/month phone pay 20/month) I can surf on tmobile here for 10dollar/month. Mostly just use wifi in the house calls to US free on my tmobile  cell phone for her is almost all wifi  

The miscellaneous would be whatever u make it. I buy books on NSI and different things from Lazarda on line. She doesn't care for traveling that much and is not a clothes hound, maybe a little makeup or a buffet down by the bay near the ferries wheel. 

Total:  so all in all about 40, 000 pesos and 375 dollars