Cost Of Living in Marinduque (2015)

PLACE: Marinduque

KIND OF RESIDENCE: 3 bedroom house built and owned by the wife and I. We also have a grandson, and a young distant cousin that helps out some, and is poor as the dickens and we feed him, offer him money for lunch at school and we pay a nephew who is our houseboy. No mortgage but plenty of up keep.

TAXES: About 2,000 PHP a year, transfer taxes cost us 4,000 PHP or so about 500 PHP a month

ELECTRIC: 4,500.00 PHP, One AC two PCs, one TV one cd player, several fans.

GAS Costs: 650.00 PHP for cooking. We do have a wood stove, and oven that we could use if necessary.

WATER: Bottled water 900.00 PHP, thus far we have not gotten sick or had diarrhea. City tap water is about 400 PHP a month

COMMUNICATIONS: Internet 1,995.00 PHP

GROCERIES: 16,000.00 PHP, rice 1,000.00 PHP, other like eating out ~4,000 [21,000 PHP]. We often get food from a small eatery in town, about once a week or so.

CAR EXPENSES: 4,000.00 PHP diesel

CABLE: 350.00 PHP 49 channels and about 27 are in English

HELPER: Houseboy 5, 000 PHP

Travel, visiting areas of the islands:  5, 000 PHP a month

Medical care/Medications obtained in USA

House up keep about 1,500 PHP a month. Maybe more but we are still making improvements as we go along

Land Line 580 PHP a month; Cell phone loads are about p500 a month or less, three phones. We are thinking of getting rid of our land line but we have internet and the Phone carrier also provided the internet service.


Total: 47, 895 PHP [~$1090 US$]