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Advantages Of Having A Maids

Once you have found a good maid, she will be an asset. It could be a long and painful job to get a good maid though, as I have herd many horror stories.

I had a dishwasher in the UK where electricity costs the same as here. When I bought it my electricity bill went up by £16 (1600P) per month. The dishwasher tablets were about 12P per wash so my total monthly cost was around £19 to £20, the same as a maid here.

Advantages of the maid:

She can wash anything not just pots and pans.

She can clean the house.

She can run errands.

She can be fun.

She can be company.

She can be a care giver when you are ill.

She can be the house security when you are not in.

She can clean the car.

She can do minor maintenance on the house.

She can translate for you.

She can do these and much more you ca get rid of her when you want.

Disadvantages of the maid:

She can steal.

She can break things.

She can be lazy.

She can be moody.

She can be disobedient.

She can become a lover (Always trouble when this happens) she can become a replacement for the girlfriend/wife (Always trouble) you can loose privacy.

She can let people into your house when you are not there.

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