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Making A Living In The Philippines

To try to sustain oneself while living in the RP is next to impossible. If you're looking to work you'll need the appropriate visas allowing you to do so. Unemployment and underemployment are rampant in the RP. Too many people go to bed hungry every night not knowing if they will have the food the next day too. All of these people are already ahead of you in trying to find a job. And really, would you want to take a job away from one of them? Fast food restaurants usually require a college degree just to flip burgers. Even if you could find employment the jobs pay from $3-$5 per day. Yes, per day not per hour and that's for 12 hours a day, six days a week. The best thing for you if you're insistent on doing this is to hook up with a western company already doing business in the RP. Perhaps they would hire you to work for them but those jobs are few and very far between.

As for staying long term in the RP you're too young to qualify for the SRRV, retirement visa though you can stay on a tourist visa. Are you married to Filipina? If not then you'll be stuck with living on a tourist visa, renewing that every two months (at a cost) and then you're required to leave the country after two years of that. Although you can just fly out and return immediately to start another two years of tourist visa. By the way, you cannot work if you're on a tourist visa only, assuming you found a job and wanted to make a couple or three of dollars a day, no benefits, for 12 hours hard work. Filipinos don't like these jobs either but do them while searching for overseas jobs they can't afford to go to or pay agency fees to get, even nurses and doctors.

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