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The Lure Of Telecommuting For Employees

A. Independence

Most people prefer to work under light supervision if they are competent in their field. They like to be their own boss and make their own decisions. Telecommuting gives them an opportunity to do so while still meeting the needs of the employer they contract with. Telework allows employees more freedom to set their own work hours. It gives them the opportunity to take care of their family and work at the same time. Studies are available that show most employees are happier and productive when they work at home.

Often there is some reluctance from first line Supervisors who feel they are losing control of their employees. Those in favor of telecommuting argue that the control is still there if you can measure the product and productivity of the employee. Second level supervisors and managers at all levels are overwhelmingly supportive of telecommuting.

B. Mobility

Telework opens jobs qualified individuals in remote cities and even other foreign countries that would were not accessible. A teleworker can jump from job to job, miles apart without leaving his/her home. In the morning the work can be in Australia and afternoon in the United States, all without leaving home.

C. Commuting/Avoiding Traffic Congestion

This is possibly the most universally attractive component of telecommuting. Long, hard, commutes are not required of the teleworker. Many employees spend an hour or more a day fighting traffic to get to their jobs. Unless you are living under a rock in the countryside, nobody has to tell you about the debilitating effects of the ever increasing traffic. By the time employees arrive at the work site, they are often worn out, ready not to work, but for a break. The stress of the daily commute also adds to company health insurance costs, employee downtime and reduced productivity.

Parking is expensive and often hard to find. Automobile accidents are frequent, costly and disabling. Insurance costs for vehicles are in an upward spiral in most countries. So is automotive maintenance and repair. Of course, the purchase of a car is a major recurring expense too. There is little need for an employee to spend money for gas and oil when teleworking. Public transportation, busses and jeeps are so crowded they are undesirable. Pollution is so bad that many will suffer lung problems from riding the jeeps. Electricity cost for running a computer is negligible and it is clean.

D. Home and Family
Since Filipinos are family oriented, and want to stay at home where their family and friends are, there is no problem in motivating a Filipino to pursue telework. This is especially true of those who have sacrificed to work overseas to support their families while suffering homesickness and often unbearably cold weather. The though of an overseas job for Filipinos and staying home at the same time is so attractive to most Filipinos, it is almost unbelievable.



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