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Telework In The Philippine Setting

A. Reducing Unemployment

The chronic employment of the masses is and has been the most consuming problem of the Philippines for years. The Country has been sending labor out to foreign countries for decades, often losing its most valuable citizens to other nations. Now the opportunity exist, through the auspices of the Internet to keep these valuable resources at home, and only export a part of their labor.

B. Increased Tax Collection

The Philippine Government can set up a system of deposits for teleworkers. Foreign companies don’t like international bank transfers. They would prefer to pay into a US Bank account. The Philippine Government can make those available and impose necessary withholding taxes. The Government too, will benefit directly from telecommuting from better tax collection and more income.

C. English, the Lingua Franca of the Internet and the Filipino’s Edge

Since the Filipino usually speaks English, the language of the Internet and international business, he/she is uniquely situated to take advantage of telework opportunities. There are many educated English speaking, industrious potential employees who are either under employed or unemployed. Strong emphasis should be placed on English skills, because without them Filipinos are doomed to failure in the international market.

D. OCW Abuses

Another issue that has been a concern of the Government and the people of the Philippines is abuse of overseas contract workers. The problem would virtually cease should a telework program be successful.

E. Vehicular Traffic, Accidents, Pollution and Oil Consumption

The Philippines has one of the most congested traffic situations in Asia. As it copes with the even more rapid development it needs to become another “Asian Tiger”, it will get worse, not better. Telework can help less not only the pollution but dependence on the mostly imported oil that causes it. Should telework be fully implemented if could reduce the need for more expensive highways and fly-over. The money from not having to construct one fly-over because of traffic reduction due to teleworking employees, would pay for a lot of computers and Internet access too.



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