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Marketing The Filipino As A Teleworker

A. Availability of Jobs

A recent post on an European Telework group said:

Telecottages will have to drive a wedge into the employment market.

Most employers are not searching for employees to telework. Teleworkers are not presently in great demand. Telework is the work of the future, however, and those who position themselves now, will be the ones to benefit from this new employment opportunity.

Should a program be implemented it is incumbent on the Filipino worker and the Philippine Government to drive that wedge. Presently in the United States there are 11 million teleworkers and by the year 2000 it is estimated there will be 55 million. Even it this estimate is far off, the future opportunities are enormous.

Of course, since telework is performed by only 11 million people in the US out of about 80 million employees, telecommuting is not the first thing to come to and employers mind. Employers have to be sold on telecommuting still. Strategies can and must be developed to do this. The product, telecommuting, has so many fine sales points that this will not be hard to do. But it must be done and applied in an organized fashion by a central source and applied at all level of the employment search process.



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