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The Lure Of Telecommuting For Employers

A. Lower Rent Cost

Commercial rental space continues to get more expensive each day. When companies want to start up or expand, real estate is one of the first considerations. With most or all employees telecommuting, real estate expenses, a major expense for most companies, can be reduced or kept at a minimum.

The Lure Of Telecommuting For Employees

A. Independence

Most people prefer to work under light supervision if they are competent in their field. They like to be their own boss and make their own decisions. Telecommuting gives them an opportunity to do so while still meeting the needs of the employer they contract with. Telework allows employees more freedom to set their own work hours. It gives them the opportunity to take care of their family and work at the same time. Studies are available that show most employees are happier and productive when they work at home.

Telecommuting From The Philippines

March 5, 1997

Written by request for the Office of Senator Gloria Macapagal Arroyo by Don A. Herrington, CEO Online Workers, Inc. NGO

Telework [known as outsourcing now] and the Emergence of the Internet from the Philippine Perspective.

I. Telework

A. What is Telework and how does it relate to the Internet?

Telework is the biggest change to working practices to since the industrial revolution. It is a relatively new way of doing work by computer, telephone, fax, e-mail and other electronic data transfer equipment. It is the act of performing work at a site remote from the employee. The Internet is allowing this new “distance,” employment to flourish.

Who Is Promoting Telecommuting?

A. Employers

Telecommuting is usually instigated by a company who sees the advantages it can provide them. Certainly this is brought to the attention of the company by employees who convince the company that they, the employee, and do the work at home rather than come into the office. At the present time, very few if any companies are going out and looking for telecommuters. Those telecommuters they do have, usually come from inside the companies.

A recent quote from the Internet Newsgroup, European Telework shows that major companies do not necessarily advertise there telecommuting efforts.



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