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Ease of Doing Business

Income category: Lower middle income
Population: 83,054,478
GNI per capita (US$): 1,300.00
Informal economy estimate (% GNP): 43.4

Type of Special Need Skills

What type of jobs do those expats you mention have?

High technical skills not available here or senior management. If for an American company chances are you are already working that company and they relocate you, or worked for a similar company in Asia. Asia Development Bank is based in Manila, excellent to work for, this is their criteria:

Applicants must:

  • be citizens of ADB member countries possess very good academic background

Invest in the Philippines

Foreign ownership of up to 100% is allowed for export enterprises. Export enterprises are defined as those businesses wherein at least 60% of output is exported.

For domestic market enterprises, foreign ownership is allowed up to 100%, except for specific areas listed under the Foreign Investments Negative List. Under the Negative List, investment is limited to up to 40%.

Basic rights are guaranteed under the Philippine constitution. These include:

How The Money Lenders Get Rich

I have seen Filipinos and foreigners doing this, with and without license, successfully over the years. I also have seen many fail. It is hard work and no sure thing even if you have a family you can trust and chose your lender carefully. Many think it carries bad karma and it can be dangerous. Beware, it is not for the faint of heart.

Yes, lending directly to small businesses may be quite lucrative.

Also sometimes lending to professional who have a steady source of income is just as profitable.



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