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How Safe is the Philippines?

Ah thanks, Phil. I teach Psychology of Criminology here and am always seeking to update my awareness of laws, crimes, and criminal psychology. One primary source for statistics that I have used is Interpol won't give data unless it is an official police request. As a matter of curiosity, maybe you can browse that site and determine whether you think it is a reliable source. If you are able to access Interpol I would be really interested and perhaps you could give me their site.

I did find the US to be 6th in the world (just under 5 African nations) in assaults. The Philippines ranked lower than 97th. I found the US to be 24th in murder- after many African and South American countries. The Philippines was 87th. Unsurprisingly, I found the Philippines to be ranks 24th in corruption- after many South American countries. The rating went to 95 and the US was not listed so it’s lower than 95 other countries.

I know statistics misrepresent facts. But, as a gross comparison, it should give even you an inkling that the Philippines probably isn't the most dangerous spot on earth. And, that was the point of my post. I didn't intend to compare this country with the US, merely to try to reduce unnecessary fear in the hearts of some who are contemplating moving here. Hope this gives you a hearty laugh.

Safety of Ships

Another important thing to be concerned about it boat safety on the inter island boats. The Philippines is an Archipelago, and is serviced by ferries, some very modern ones, on group called Philippine Super Ferries. They look like ocean liners, have sleeping accommodations, nice meals, and private cabins at reasonable prices. Some are called Super Cats, very fast, just go for a couple of hours to the next island and give you time to watch a video movie, have a hot dog and cup of coffee from the snack bar while relaxing in air-conditioning. Some but some Philippine inter island boats look like they are going down for the third time. And they may be.

How Safe is Living Here for Expats

Safety in the Philippines: Update Wed., Feb 23, 2005.

Statement from United States Ambassador to Manila Francis Ricciardone, The man who knows with the responsibility of the safety of every US Citizen here in the Philippines.

Although those with many years of experience often assure first- timers that travel to and in the Philippines is not dangerous, the US State Department continually re-issues years-old advisories that make the Philippines seem only slightly less dangerous than Iraq. Interesting new report here as to what the US Ambassador to the Philippines, Francis Ricciardone said in the Manila Bulletin yesterday:



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