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BI Offers Amnesty to Foreigners Illegally Staying in Cebu

CEBU CITY, Sept. 22 (PNA)-- Foreigners, who are illegally residing in Cebu or anywhere in Central Visayas for less than two years, may avail themselves of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) amnesty program. Immigration Regional Director Geronimo Rosas said overstaying aliens must take the new amnesty program, a new policy of Commissioner Marcelino Libanan to give illegal aliens the chance to legalize their stay. Rosas, however, said foreigners who are illegally staying in the country for more than two years already cannot avail themselves of the amnesty and will be encouraged to leave voluntarily.He said the new policy is more liberal when it comes to visa extensions and explores corrective mechanisms."Commissioner Libanan is giving overstaying aliens an opportunity to come out in the open and legalize their stay. This allows overstaying aliens to avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of being arrested, jailed and deported, especially in light of the government's ongoing massive crackdown against illegal aliens," Rosas said. He said the move, as admitted by Libanan, will in a way be beneficial to the government as it will generate substantial revenues for BI, which is under the Department of Justice (DOJ). "The Immigration Bureau, as a regulatory and enforcement agency, is also collecting fees for services rendered that are remitted to the National Treasury," Rosas said. He believes that there are hundreds of foreigners who are illegally residing in Central Visayas, mostly in Cebu .The immigration director urged illegal aliens to register and not wait for authorities to catch them. Rosas said aliens, who will voluntarily submit to BI jurisdiction, will not be arrested but will be assisted to legalize their stay instead.” What they are going to do is comply with BI rules and regulations and pay whatever fees they owe to the government," the official said. More than 7,000 foreigners are permanent residents in the Visayas. They are engaged in business, married to Filipinos or are working in various companies. These permanent resident aliens are required to secure the I-Card, a paperless travel record that cannot be tampered with. But Rosas said the number of overstaying aliens increased, with some of them trying to avoid arrest. (PNA)

Tourist Visa Fees

Visa Fees for a tourist visa staying a year in the Philippines are 14,810.00, US$ 263 per year. This could be reduced by P3,000 by $53 by not paying getting the express fee service. That means you would have to go back after a few days and pick up the visa, no big problem if you live near the immigration office.

On this "Tourist Visa" you must leave the country once a year. Some just go to Hong Kong for a couple of hours or days. The cheapest way is to go to Malaysia by boat, from Cebu and back five days and P1,900. Others go to Thailand, a few dollars more, but a place some feel in more hospitable and more fun than Hong Kong. You can get flights to these places easily, and tour rates including hotels for US$250 to $350 including hotel room.

Many stay for years on the tourist Visa, a good deal I believe. And it is good to get out of the country at least once a year for some. There are a lot of things to see in the world a lot of the most interesting things to me are near the Philippines, the "hub of Asia," right in the center.

When you arrive in the RP you will be given a tourist stamp in your passport which is valid for 21 days. Before the expiration of the 21 days you must visit a RP Immigration office and request a 39 day extension, for total of 59 days. Thereafter, you can request and receive extensions of two calendar months each (i.e., April 1 to June 1).

Declining Pensions

Health Care Coalition president David Paraiso, a senior consultant of the Commission on Aging at the White House in the United States, discovered that the declining pensions of retirees in most developed countries will not be sufficient for them to live comfortably in their home countries. There will therefore be a "tsunami" of retirees leaving the developed countries for less expensive retirement destinations.

Philippine Retirement Incorporated (PRI), the private sector counterpart of the government's Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), did an analysis of retirees in six selected markets shown below:

Here are the Visa fees you use below "retiring," on a tourist visa.

Current extension fees copied from the Bureau of Immigration website


Aliens initially admitted for 21days may be extended for another 38 days

Visa Waiver Application Fee______________ P 1,000.00

Visa Waiver____________________________  500.00

Legal Research Fee_______________________ 20.00

Express Fee______________________________ 500.00

BI-Clearance_____________________________  1,010.00

TOTAL__________________________________ P 3,030.00

After 59 days of stay (initial 21 days + 38 days extension)

Monthly Extension__________________P 500.00

Application Fee______________________300.00

Alien Certificate of Registratio__________1,000.00

Emigration Clearance Certificate_________700.00

Head Tax____________________________250.00

Legal Research Fee_____________________40.00

Express Fee___________________________500.00



*Imposed only once during lifetime after 59 days

**For Minors (below 14 years old) replace with CE________P 200.00

If expired, additional fees for the following:

Fine for overstaying per month_________________500.00

Motion for Reconsideration_____________________510.00

Aliens admitted with Entry Visa (59 days)

Case 1: Payment made for 1 mo. extension

Monthly Extension_____________________P 500.00

Application Fee__________________________300.00

Alien Certificate of Registration______________1,000.00

Emigration Clearance Certificate_____________700.00

Head Tax__________________________250.00

Legal Reasearch Fee__________________40.00

Express Fee_________________________500.00



*For Minors (below 14 years old) replace with CE_________P200.00

Case 2: Payment made for 2 mos. extension

Monthly Extension____________________P 1,000.00

Application Fee______________________300.00

Alien Certificate of Registration__________1,000.00

Emigration Clearance Certificate__________700.00

Head Tax_____________________________250.00

Legal Research Fee______________________40.00

Express Fee____________________________500.00



*For Minors (below 14 years old) replace with CE________P200.00

If expired, additional fees for the following:

Fine for overstaying per month________________500.00

Motion for Reconsideration____________________510.00

*To secure regular EMIGRATION CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE (ECC) at the Alien

*Registration Division at the back of Equitable Bank Bldg. and pay the express fee of P500.

Monthly Extension up to SIX (6) months

Extension (per month)_________500.00

Application Fee______________300.00

Legal Research Fee____________20.00

Express Fee___________________500.00


TOTAL________________________P 2,330.00

*charged every application

After SIX (6) months

Extension (per month)___________P 500.00

Application Fee_________________300.00

Certificate of Residence for Temporary Visitor__________1,400.00

Legal Research Fee__________________30.00

Express Fee______________________500.00



* Imposed only once during their lifetime

*charged every application


1) Legal Research Fee (LRF) of P10 will be charged for each item except Head Tax


upon departure____________________700.00

Certificate of Exemption fee (below 14 years old)__________200.00

Annual Report Fee: applicable to 13(a), 9(d), 9(g), SIRV
(filing period: 59 days before/after the end of year)

- Arrival on or before November 2 of previous year__________310.00

- Monthly fine for delayed annual report_________________200.00

Total (w/o CE)__________________________________P1,410.00

Fine for overstaying per month______________________500.00

Motion for Reconsideration__________________________510.00

Non-appearance in filing of annual report________________500.00

2) Alien Certificate of Registration

- Adult 14 years and above________________1,000.00

- Minor below 14 years_____________________500.00

Re-issuance of ACR (2nd entry of every entry after 59 days)

- Adult 14 years and above_________________250.00

- Minor below 14 years______________________50.00

Head Tax (over 16 years old)__________________250.00

Visa fee for 9(a) with gratis entry visa staying more than
59 days (countries that are not exempted)__________1,000.00

Total(adult w/o gratis visa)_____________________P 3,050.00

If expired, additional fees for the following:

Fine for overstaying per month________________500.00

Motion for Reconsideration______________________510.00

Philippine Tourists Staying Longer In RP according to the Bureau of Immigration

Maybe because of the unrest in Thailand , longer staying tourist, some virtually "retirees," believe from my observation, are staying longer than before. Besides the problems in Thailand , Thailand tightened rather than loosed visa requirements, to not seek "long term tourist," does not encourage them, does not seem to want them or even retirees. They don't need the US dollar as much as the Philippines . Indonesia and other sounding countries are not price competitive and the US's problems around the world makes non Christian countries less than desirable for many. T he dollars is setting record lows, against the Philippine peso but this is still the cheapest and easiest alternative and only English speaking country n Asia . I just got back from Guangxhou , China , noted the prices on needed goods and services more expensive than there than here in the Philippines . From what I see, retirement and tourism under different names maybe, will continue to boom unless prices get so high they scare people away. I don't expect that to happen soon.

Here is what the Bureau of Immigration says.


MANILA , Philippines -- More foreign tourists are opting to stay longer in the country, making the Philippines "one of the most favored tourist destinations in the Asia-Pacific."And it has been for a long time. Bureau of Immigration chief Marcelino Libanan made this observation Friday, saying that foreign visitors have paid more than P370 million to the government just to extend their stay in the country.

Libanan said that BI's collections from visa extension fees from January to August 2007 amounted to P370.17 million, up by P57.9 million or 18 percent from the P312.2 million generated during the same period last year."The income was sourced from 151,066 applications for extension of stay of tourists which the bureau approved during the eight-month period,"the BI chief said in a statement, citing statistics from the immigration visa extension office. Libanan added that approved extensions of stay increased by 16 percent from the 129,666 applications for extension that the bureau granted from January to August 2006.

"Visa extension fees accounted for a large chuck of the BI's revenue collection over the past few years as the number of tourists who visited the country has steadily grown,"Libanan said.The immigration chief said the figures indicated that more and more foreign tourists are visiting and prolonging their stay in the Philippines .

"The numbers speak for themselves. Our country is fast emerging as one of the most favored tourist destinations in the Asia-Pacific," Libanan said. He added, "The fact that foreign tourists are entering our country in droves is an indication that foreign investors' confidence in our country has tremendously improved as President [Gloria] Macapagal-Arroyo had stated in her last State of the Nation Address."Libanan noted that foreign tourists visited the country not only for pleasure but also to consider investment and business opportunities.

He also reported that more foreigners arrived in the country from January to August, compared to the same period last year.


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