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Getting Alien Registration Card

How to get Alien Registration Card for those with the present 13(A) Permanent Resident Visa, for those married to Filipina /os? This is a new procedure implemented only in Manila at this time, March 14.

Hi everybody thought I post my experiences about ACR I Card issuing procedures.

Monday, March 14, 2004 I arrived at Bureau of Immigrations at 0915 hours. The building was packed, but well organized.

What the Bureau of Immigration requires.

1.) Complete Bureau of Immigration's or Alien Certification of Registration Identity Card application form.

2.) Applicant's original (8 x 11) Alien Certificate of Registration and one Xerox copy.

3.) One Xerox copy of your passport. (Very first page where applicant's passport picture and signature is.)

4.) One Xerox copy of passport page that indicates you have a 13a Visa.

STEP ONE: Go to Window 1 and submit the required documents to attendant. After you submit required documentation, you will be instructed to have a sit and wait for you're named to be called again. When I was there, the average waiting time was between thirty and forty minutes.

NOTE: Immigrations will require you're original Alien Certificate of Registration. This document will be returned to you, when your ACR I Card is issue to you. I suggest you have a Xerox copy of this document on hand. Have Window 1 attendant rubber stamp your copy with the "RECEIVED" stamp they regular use and have them certify it is a true copy and sign it. You never know, you may require it later for some other purpose.

STEP TWO: Biometrics Process. Once your name is called, you will report either to Window 4 or 5 as instructed on loudspeaker. This particular station will take a digital photo of you in three different facial positions and will electronically scan your fingerprints. After this process is completed, the attendant will instruct you once again to have a sit until your name is called. He or she will keep your documents and return them back to Window 2.

STEP THREE: Window 2 attendant will call your name to release a Pay Order and the previously submitted documents. The Window attendant will instruct you to pay ACR I Card fees at Cashier One, get a Xerox copy of your receipt and return to Window 2 with all previous documents in hand

STEP FOUR: Make payment at Cashier 1. I paid in Pesos, so I paid 2,712 Pesos for my card. After you make payment, remember to make Xerox copy of receipt for the attendant at Window 2. Return to Window 2 with all previous documents in hand. Resubmit the required documents and cashier receipt. You show them the original receipt and give them the Xerox copy. After the attendant accepts documents and receipt, he or she will give you an Applicant's Claim Stub with a controlled number on it. The attendant will then instruct you to call the telephone number on the claim stub in thirty days to determine of your ACR I Card is ready for release.


The smaller white building to the left of the Bureau of Immigration where the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Foundation and Equitable Bank is house. ACR I Cards are picked up on the third floor of this building in the Alien Registration Division (ARD) office.

For me the ACR I Card application process was very easy. The whole process from start to end took exactly one hour and fifteen minutes. I was very impress with the Bureau of Immigration's speedy and efficient process procedures.

It is important to note, I spoke with many expats who informed me they waited up to sixty days after submitted their application before receiving their cards.

I hope my experiences will enlighten others and make the process simply for them.

Good luck
Ken Rice
Ermita Manila

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