How To Register A Car You've Built?

My hobby is building hot rods, and I have just started a new project in Angeles. So, does anybody have any knowledge about how to register a complete vehicle you have assembled yourself?

It used to be quite common to assemble a Jeep out of parts you could buy all over the country, but that seems to have died off now. I'm sure there must be a fairly simple process for getting a REG number. Anybody have any experience or clues?

Anything I find on the web is about registering imports or new cars, where they already have existing paperwork. Mine will have a fiber glass body, home built chassis and a rather large V8 engine.

Maybe I should just tape a piece of cardboard to the rear with 'For Registration' written on it in felt pen? Cheesy Cheesy!

Suggest you go to the LTO before you start your project and learn the rules.

I’m doing an engine swap on my trooper the surplus motor being installed has to have customs papers and receipts. Showing that import duties were paid once installed I have to take vehicle to LTO for inspection. And fill out several forms to have the motor serial numbers changed on the original registration of the vehicle no paper work on the replacement engine no tags for the car.

I also have an old FJ40 that I recently repainted from white to blue. I was stopped by highway patrol and ticketed because, I had changed the color also for removing the fiberglass top. I paid the 5, 000 peso fine and had to go to LTO for color change. And amend the registration that the top had been removed and color changed similar problem with my elf truck. I added side racks to the bed LTO stopped the driver and issued a fine for unauthorized change of the vehicle registration said drop side instead of side racks. If you are caught a second time with out updated registration they impound the vehicle.

Have Fun!

Tom / Roxas City