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Culture Background

Filipinos do have a unique relationship with the west and share decidedly a heritage of many significant ideas and values rooted in Euro Christian ethics, But their basic traditional social and cultural characteristics contrast sharply with those of western world, certainly the US. The national character and sense of identity is thus complex. And there is a question as to whether or not they even have a national identity. Some believe, as I do, their allegiance does not extend past their province. Some believe it is limited to the extended family. It is certainly stronger within that group.

Although the Philippines is located geographically in Asia, there is a general sense of being neither this nor that, of sharing something of the Pacific islands, of being heavily influenced by Spanish and American cultures, as above. Further examination of the unique history of the Philippines and of immigration to the United States serves to illustrate how this country has been a Pacific Bridge between many cultures. The Chinese were a powerful influence before the US and the Spanish came, and still are them most powerful force here, in my opinion. That is where the money is, though contrary to popular belief, not all Chinese here are rich. Chinese residents, who do not forsake their culture, were born and raised here, Chinese have a strong social and economic influence that is often either overlooked or underestimated. The focus is on the more obvious Spanish and American influence, a big mistake in my opinion.

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