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G (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Gagamboy. 1. Coined in 2003 by Vhong Navarro, a member of the local dance troop Streetboy; it means manspider. 2. Also: Spiderman. 3.Title of the movie with the same title produced in 2003.

Gahasa. [Sanskrit sahasa, rashness.] 1.To rape. 2.To violate a woman without her consent. 3.To deflower a lady by using force. 4.To gang-rape.

Gahong [Visayas] 1. A deer's or wildn boar's snare. 2.A trap wherein sharpened bamboo stalks are half-buried in the center of a six-meter hole but covered on top by twigs, dry leaves, and fallen branches to keep it from the prey's view. 3.Any trap that features hidden implements designed to kill a prey upon faIling into it.

Gakit. [Filipino] 1. A raft used to cross the rivers or negotiate those streams that arenot accessible to regular water transport. 2.A watercraft made either of bamboo, giant banana stalks, or round timber and tied together by abaca twine, rattan strips, or ropes. 3. Any crude water transport normally used to cross flooded areas.

Gamlang. [Ifugao] Y. A knife used in harvesting rice, especially in cutting the stalks or straws known locally as udong. 2.A scythe.3.Equivalent to the Visayan karit.

Garapal. [Spanish garrafal, . shameless or excessive.] 1.A person who knows no shame. 2. Figuratively, a thick-faced fellow. 3.To act without being ashamed of others. 4. Excessively brazen or unabashed.

Ginamos. [Visayan] 1.A process of preserving anchovy or any small species of fish by diluting it with salt and allowed to ferment for weeks before they are· served as appetizer, seasoning, or flavoring. 2.Any method of preservation where salt is used as base to keep meat from being damaged.

Ginataan. [Tagalog] See Binignit.

GINOONG MARIA (Tagalog) 1.Until the mid-19th century, GINOO refers to a Lady of Rank, and MAGINOO to mean A Gentleman of Rank. 2. For obscure reasons, the GINOO became a masculine title although it retains its original meaning in the Tagalog version of the prayer AVE MARIA (Hail, Mary!) that starts with ABA GINOONG MARIA.

Guro. [Malay guru, teacher, originally from Sanskrit guru, venerable.] 1.A teacher, educator, or academician. 2. Any person who teaches, whether tutor, instructor, or professor.

Guwantes. [Spanish guantes, gloves.] 1.A hand covering used as safety gadget, sanitary protection, or as professional necessity. 2. Gloves used by high-tension wire electricians, nurses, boxing umpires, and other jobs.3.A kind of protective suit used to safeguard the hands from cuts cushion the weight of heavy objects when carried, or secure an object from slipping off.


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