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I (Filipino Cultural Dictionary)

Idyok. [Davao] 1.A. Philippine tree palm variety where a tangy native drink known as saan is extracted. 2.A native palm tree that .is capable, of producing around 20 liters of saan, a local- liquor preferred in. relllote indigenous areas of Davao region.

Iglesya. [Spanish iglesia, ;church.] 1. A religion or a chapel. 2: Also:.Iglesia ni Kristo, a religious denomination.

lkot. [Malay ikut, to follow.] 1.To spin, make a' turnaround, 'or encircle. 2.A lap 3.Slang; to conduct surveillance, or to spy.

Ifun [Cagayan Valley]. The fry of the Pacific salmon, the' lurung. .[See also atabatabiok. ]

Ilaw. [Malay hi/au, glimmer.] 1. Generally, a light. 2.Specifically, a light emanating from electric power. 3.A torch, flashlight, or any implement from where a
light can be sourced.

Imbayah. [Ifugao] 1.An annual festival held in Banaue commemorating the exploits of the 12th century Cam-bu-Io warriors that used to rule the borders of lfugao and Mt. Province. 2. A celebration exhibiting the wonder' of Banaue's centuries-old rice terraces.

Inaul. [Mindanao]. 1.A handwoven malong, traditionally silk, used primarily by royalty by ordinbary Muslims for special occasions. ' Inbulan.sima hali. A long song from the Tausugs of Sulu that is ,rendered in expressing good wishes to the guests and visitors.

Indak-indak. . (Davao] 1.A Bagobo street-dancing that resembles closely the Ati- atihan of Aklan. 2. A. street-dancing event that is part of the annual Kadayawan festival of Davao City.

Ipa. (Tagalog] 1.Hull or husk. 2.Rice or corn bran.

Iskaylab.[Davao, from US spaceship Skylab.] 1. An improvised. motorcycle as a with wooden carriage that can carry as many aadozen passengers. 2. Any of the motorized transport used to negotiate mountainous locations, especially in far-flung mining areas. 3. Meat, strictly hog and cattle, sold without government inspection approval.

Istambay. [English standby, or person or thing that can be depended on, or one ready to be used if needed.'] 1.A lazybone. 2.A jobless person. 3. A person who is fond of standing by in a preferred haunt, location, or space. 4. To stand by.

Itip. [Visayan slang, from piti, to smite or hit.] 1. Underworld jargon for to kill. 2.To execute summarily. 3.Extra-judicial murder.


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