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Regarding the Filipino male, Dr Lapis states that the ego-ideal for men is that of one who is cool, cautious, inoffensive, pleasant, relaxed to the point of being rather easygoing, incapable of anger except when his amor-propio ... is provoked. His masculinity is definitely and emphatically regarded as intrinsic to this narcissism (self-esteem). Of this masculinity he is quite conscious and proud, and will emphasize it in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Outside of this ego-ideal, the Filipino male may appear to some, and in particular to foreigners, as not being masculine enough. He tends to be fastidious about his appearance, particularly his hair and clothes, to have soft and graceful movements. With strangers and in some unfamiliar situations, he may tend to say very little and act even less, which is the antithesis of the American male's tendency to quickly state his identity and give his opinion. The Filipino will be quiet and will strive to be inoffensive in situations where an American would feel obliged to be more vociferous.

This description presents the outward or surface differences between Filipinos and Westerners, those noticed first. Psychological and personality differences, which are less noticeable in the first Sow interactions, are harder to recognize and grasp. To get a deeper insight into the Filipino male personality, it is necessary to look at the different roles he plays, because much of his behavior and attitudes is determined by the duties which accompany each role. Some of the more important roles he plays are described here.


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