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Conservative Sexual Behavior

Editor's Note: Published on page A23 of the Mar. 21, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

A third of the students in the University of the Philippines in Diliman, (UP) Quezon City, have engaged in sexual activity on campus, according to a 2004 university study. A more recent study that was just released, one that reflects the general population, not just the UP Diliman population says that one third of the men and only one sixth of the women, between 15 years old and 37 year old have engaged in premarital sex. We hope to post that study soon. It was also due by University of the Philippines. Noted October 2007.

But before conservatives -- and perverts -- react, "sexual activity" refers not only to doing it all-the-way but also to French kissing, petting or necking, masturbation, oral, coital or anal sex. Thirty-three percent, or 126 of 359 respondents, admitted to having sexual activity on campus, according to a study by the Communication Research Department of the UP College of Mass Communication. The majority, or 65 percent of the respondents, said they had not engaged in any sexual activity on campus in the past three months prior to the survey conducted during the last week of January and the first week of February this year. Two percent of the respondents gave no answer. The on-campus sexual activities, the study noted, are usually done in "sex hotspots," particularly in areas hidden from sight by trees and bushes, and are free of use. The hotspots included the densely vegetated Lagoon, the wide-open Sunken Garden, the parking lots and comfort rooms. Even Palma Hall, more popularly known as A.S. and the Main Library are also considered sex hotspots, the study reported. Contrary to belief that University of the Philippines, Diliman students are sexually liberated, the study found out that only a fourth or 24 percent of the respondents have had sex in the three months before the survey. The students' favorite sexual activity was French kissing, with 55 percent of respondents. Petting or necking and self-masturbation were the second favorite with 48 percent, while 34 percent engaged in oral sex. Only 27 percent had coital sex, or "actual" sex involving the genitals, while 7 percent had anal sex. But taking both sexes into account, the top sexual activity among females was French kissing, with nearly half or 49 percent saying they had engaged in it, followed by self- and mutual- masturbation with 18 percent each. Among males, it was self-masturbation on top with 89 percent, followed by French kissing with 68 percent, and petting or necking with 62 percent. Of 126 respondents who have had sex, 40 percent "sometimes" used protection, 36 percent "always" used protection, while 24 percent "never" used protection. Of those who used protection, condoms were the preferred method, with 88 percent saying they had used one. Birth-control pills came in a far second with 10 percent, while rhythm method was done by 6 percent. Respondents to the study were UP Diliman undergraduate students with ages between 16 and 20. Sampling was multi-stage, with respondents picked from 20 colleges. Department chair Violeda Umali said the margin of error was a little below plus or minus 5 percent, because of "spoilage" in the original sample of 387 students. Intriguingly, the respondents also reported engaging in sex through technology: 15 percent have engaged in phone sex; 13 percent in cybersex or Internet sex; and 10 percent in text sex. On the respondents' sexual views, the study reported that more than a third or 34 percent found premarital sex "completely" acceptable, 39 percent consider it "sometimes" acceptable, while 27 percent did not find it acceptable at all. The students' outlook toward homosexuality, the study found, was generally positive, with more than half or 51 percent finding it "completely" acceptable, 26 percent seeing "sometimes" acceptable, and 22 percent saying it was not acceptable at all. The researchers said the study applies only to UP Diliman students. Mali said the study showed an aspect of UP students' sex life that she found "surprising".

The wide range of sexual activity that the respondents engaged in, she said, was completely unheard of in her time.

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