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Cost Of Living In Cabuyao, Laguna (2009)

Kind of Residence:

House, Crown Asia gated community 2 bedrooms, 2-bath house approximately 70 sq meters, less than 1 year old.

Rent: 14,500 pesos/month. There are two of us living in the house. Our house cleaner lives in the area and goes home every night.


About 6, 200 pesos per month. We have one small AC that runs nearly all the time. I medium AC in the kitchen used maybe 2 hours a day or less. We have a standby 6,500-watt generator. We have lost power twice this year. Once for about 10 minutes and the other for about 5 hours both during storms.

We also have an inline shower heater and other appliances such as microwave, toaster oven, automatic washer; electric fan (also runs constantly)

Gas Cost:

700 pesos every 4 months


Regular tap water cost is about 500 pesos a month. Bottled water delivered for 30 pesos for the 5-gallon container. We use probably 6 to 8 per month as we use it to cook and for our cat to drink.


Internet is 1, 000 pesos per month. Cell phone usage is about 1, 500 pesos per month. Cable TV is a 550 pesos/month. Landline service is not yet available in this subdivision as it is new.


A total guess here. Maybe 3, 000 pesos/month


We have two house cleaners. One full time 6 days per week (3, 600 pesos) and one who works only on Sunday and if the regular house cleaner is sick, she is paid 200 pesos/day.


We buy quite a bit of imported foods and higher quality meats etc our groceries run about 10,000 to 15, 000 pesos/month.

Bar Bill. Entertainment:

Zero, we may buy a DVD so I would say 1, 000 pesos/month

Eating Out:

We eat out fairly often. Usually lower cost places but occasionally a better restaurant. I would guess maybe pesos/month.

Car Expenses:

2 cars repairs maybe pesos/month
Gas about 3, 600 pesos/month

Taxi, Jeep, Travel Expenses:

Average is maybe 500 pesos/month. We take occasional trips abroad about two or three times a year cost is about 30,000 ea.

Allowance For Family Members:

GF gets 4,500 pesos/month for personal use

Medical Expenses:

I have blue cross / blue shield thru the US government as I am retired from the Veterans hospital in the states. My medicine is about 4,000 pesos/month. Our medical expenses here average about 2, 000 a month or less.




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