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Cost Of Living In Olongapo, Zambales (2009)

Place, City, Town, Village:

Olongapo, Zambales

Kind Of Residence:

House, Apartment, Condo, Townhouse, Room, Pension House, Hotel, Resort:

House (two bedroom)

Rent in Peso per month. Please include how long you have been living in this place, etc., as I did or you can just put the rent no other comments as you can do on all items.

It would be nice to know how many living in the house if you care to share that and any other information, special circumstances bearing on the cost of living.

11k/month, plus three nannies in the house. In house for 2 years


Cost per month. If you have brown outs, generator, you may want to include. How many air cons, other serious appliances like electric irons, ovens, TV's, DVD players, computers, water heaters, etc. 5k month - two air con, many appliances plus outside lights.

Gas Costs:

LPG for cooking, maybe charcoal.

600 php about every 4 months

Water: per month and any comments you my have as to buying bottled water, lack of water, using pump 1000 pesos/month for house and 400 pesos/month for drinking water.


Internet, local and long distance telephone, Magic Jack, VoIP, cell phone, Internet Cafe, etc. Internet 999 pesos, use yahoo messenger for all international calls, and about 400 pesos/month for prepaid cell cards.


Shoes, jewelry, watches, repairs for same, trinkets, etc.:

1000 pesos/month

Helper (s), Salary, lives in or part time, relative or not? one - six days a week - not relative - 3000 pesos/month

Groceries and other food stuffs. Where you shop, wet market, super market; eat from vendors, etc., if you care to share.

About 15k pesos/month. Shop at local market and large supermarket on SBMA.

Bar Bill. Entertainment if any, Liquor, etc.

20k pesos/month

Eating Out:

Often, seldom, etc. if you care to share.

3000 pesos/month

Car Expenses:

gas, repairs Allowance, but sometimes rent car for 20k pesos/month.

Taxi, Jeep, Travel Expenses:

Especially if you are required to go back to your country often if you can share.

Local transport about 3000 pesos/month and once a year back to USA about 90k (average if that about 8k/month).

Allowance For Family Members if any:

10-15k pesos/month

Medical Expenses:

Maybe you will comment if you are a Veteran, have health insurance for your self and family, Phil Health others. How much do you spend for average doctor's visit? Is prescription medication a big part of your expense. How about supplements, alternative therapy if have and you care to share? Medical at this point is not a major expense - maybe 1000p/month. Veteran but not retired vet, so no tri-care

Total of all is about 90,000 pesos/month

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