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Cost Of Living In Iloilo City (2009)


Panay Island, Iloilo city, Lapaz

Type of residence:


Size of house:

240 sqm 3 br 3 ba, maids room downstairs,dirty kitchen and laundry area, off-street parking for 1 suv. Small Balcony on 2nd floor (3m x 3m). Gated/guarded affluent subdivision.

Own or Rent:


Cost of Rent:



P5,500 a month average


zero, well water with constant pressure pump. City water not available in this subdivision. Ledesco


P 485 a month for shellane


P 800 a month for local service only


P 500 for first TV set, P 100 additional for each TV. HBO, SHO, ESPN


PLDT 386k unl. P1,880 a month

Power Outages:

Seldom Usual duration 30 min to 6 hours

Water Outages:

Never in 4 years

Air Quality:

At home excellent. Trash picked up every 2 days. No burning of trash allowed. Downtown air quality is acceptable even during peak traffic. There is no industry here


2 We have the occasional barking dog and the trash trucks incessant horn honking when collecting trash. Otherwise peaceful and quiet


Downtown Heavy 10 months a year while schools are in session on weekdays. Weekends and summer break light to moderate downtown. Always light outside the city limits.

Public Trans:

Good. Cab flag down P 30 and P60 will get you anywhere in the city. Plenty of Jeeper strikes and buses for travel outside the city


5 major modern shopping malls all with national chain stores, American fast food i.e. pizza hut, Mc'd, dunkin donuts etc. Several locations for Iloilo Supermarket that carry imported Australian beef and imported American foods. All the malls have multicinemas showing first run movies for P 50 for premier seating. Iloilo has many nice restaurants and resort areas. American, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and German restaurants including countless native restaurants and bbq chains. Isuzu, Toyota, Ford, Honda dealers available for new vehicles. A few used car dealerships in town. Average price for a 5 year old vehicle in good condition is P300,000.

Medical Facilities:

3 Major Private hospitals, 4 clinics with modern equipment and well trained English speaking doctors. Tricare insurance is accepted for retired military members


Iloilo is considered the training center of the visayas with many private international schools and colleges

By: Paul

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