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Cost Of Living In Angeles City (2009)

Cost of Living in Angeles City, Balibago Barangay

Gene said: "Olongapo proper and Angeles City proper are about the same. Both are quite dull with very little to recommend to visitors."

I must refute this assessment. It is unfair to the thousands of expats who live, work, and/or vacation in Angeles City (AC) and Olongapo.

First, let me remind our readers that Angeles City is a moderately-sized town, both in population and area. AC has a population approaching 300,000.

AC has a world-renowned barangay known as Balibago. Balibago, and the few surrounding barangays where adult entertainment is prolific, comprise a very small portion of Angeles City. Hence, it's unfair to tarnish the image of the entire city because of adult entertainment that is very localized.

Allow me to use an analogy. Is Manila all bad because of the adult entertainment found in the EDSA Complex and Ermita/Malate? I don't think so!

AC is far from dull. It has some of the best international restaurants in the entire country, and at non-Manila prices. Because of the large number of expats living in the general area, you will find stores and services that are difficult to find in cities outside the NCR. AC has a variety of quite decent and even upscale subdivisions that attract locals as well as expats. And, in the future, due to the limitations of NAIA (Manila Airport), DMIA Airport (Clark Field), which borders AC in the north have been projected, by the RP Government, to be the largest international airport in the country, when the renovations are completed.

So, let's be fair about AC. True, it's not for everybody. And, if you do not indulge in adult entertainment, it's easy to avoid! If you look at AC in its entirety, it's not dull. Outside Balibago, it is a very typical RP city.

  • 6000   -- 4bedroom and 2 bath home
  • 1400   -- electric
  • 450     -- Water
  • 380     -- Cable TV with HBO and Cinemax
  • 450     -- Telephone Dial
  • 8680   -- Total monthly expenses (170.00

Food would be approx $150.00 month additional, but we have expensive taste in food so it would vary each individual situation taste.

I must add that we are living very well and we do not do without. The only expense I cannot comment on is automobiles. I have not found it necessary to purchase one more soon.

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