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Cost Of Living In Naga City, Bicol Region (2009)

Location: Naga City, Bicol

Type of Residence: One story detached house

Size of House: 3 BR, 2 CR, Maids qtrs with CR, 162 SM

Own or Rent: Own

Cost of Rent: N/A

Electricity: P3,000 Winter - P6,000 Summer

Water: P 400 city water, P 700 bottled water

Gas: P 530 (LPG)

Phone: P 1,000

Cable: Satellite two boxes P1,780

DSL: P 1,089

Power Outages: Seldom, maybe once every two months and usually for less than one hour. (A couple of times a year there planned outages for half a day to cut tree limbs etc.)

Water Outages: City water, none

Cable TV: Satellite lose only during heavy rains and then only for a few minutes.

Air Quality: Good, Neighbors seldom burn trash and we live on the outskirts of the city.

Noise: Very quiet. A few dogs and roosters in the distance. Little road traffic on our street.

Traffic: Over all not to bad even during rush hour. An exception is during fiesta.

Public Transportation: Good, Jeepneys, Tricycles, Pedicabs, little waiting

Stores: One medium size mall and a medium size discount mall. (Two large malls are under construction, SM and Pacific. Good selection of small stores.

Additional comments:

This area is very progressive and business friendly. Good government with little corruption. Forty-five minutes to beaches.

By: Jim Houstma

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