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Advantage And Disadvantage Of Retirement Visa

The Special Retirement Visa SSRV, Pros and Cons, Invest or Not in the SSRV.

Some thoughts from someone who won't be availing of the SRRV as the spouse of a Filipino citizen. I will have a permanent residence visa. Were I’m single, I would personally not use the SRRV. That said, some advantages/disadvantages as I see them:


SRRV will remove the requirement for an annual trip out of the Philippines just to fulfill the requirement of a tourist visa to leave once a year. You can do much more with your deposit than leave it sit in the bank examples, buy yourself a condo, invest in Philippine tax-free treasury bonds (not totally clear on this but know of those who say it's possible from experience).


Regardless of your personal wealth, why tie up that much liquid assets under some else's control? $50K in the stock market, for example, if that is your area of expertise, could easily produce a lot more. There are annual fees, paperwork and political battles involved with the SRRV that certainly equal the "hassle" involved with renewing tourist visas.

Your figure regarding the annual visa trip may be accurate but it certainly be accomplished even cheaper round trips from Clark to Kuala Lumpur for example are available for under $80USD. It's hard for me to imagine someone not wanting to go to Hong Kong once a year for shopping and a change of pace, it's certainly no big thing to find cheap discount fares from Manila and cheap accommodations. In fact, I see no reason you can't leave one morning on one of several airlines, go through the immigration wicket at Chep Lap Kok, walk right back in the departure line and fly back to manila the same afternoon taking in a good meal and duty free shopping at the airport. My wife and I plan to travel to HK regularly, even though there will be no need for us to do so because there is nothing at all like the HK Night Market or the HK Flower Market in the Philippines as just one example.

Anyway, doubt there is any totally definitive answer, especially because it's totally a personal decision, but hope these meanderings give you some perspective. [Dale]

Don Adds:

Though you think not, you will probably get married anyway. Filipinas are so charming the most reluctant bachelors, as I was, fall in love with them. So as a bonus you not only get the Filipina, but A 13(A) permanent resident visa.

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